delphi23 (delphi23) wrote,

so tierd

I am so tierd....I want to go home and sleep, but no I have my painting class then I can sleep, no I have to work on my guache paintings. I am so addicted to meeting women over the internet....I need help.listening to the dark side of the moon. I turned off the lights in my office and I am working my butt off.
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hey, so here's an alternative plan: is there anyway you could pick me up in reno, nv? its very cheap to fly there, and we could spend a few days there, ( maybe a night when i arrive, and a night before i depart-- anyway, its just a thought-- i'd call but i'm at work)
Where are you? You don't work at Blizzard North anymore! You've moved! Luckily KT is still in the phonebook, so maybe I can track you down through her!
Hi, I noticed you listed movies as one of your interests. There's a new community called xmoviexbuffx that I thought you might be interested in. Hope to see you around!