delphi23 (delphi23) wrote,

monthly update of the past

My friend wants me to do a monthly flash back so here goes this will probably take little while but here goes.
February, 2001
my birthday month. I was drinking and going out a lot. I was single and not really looking to change the situation. On my birthday I went to chances and my favorite bartender, marcy, got me really drunk for free.
March, 2001
I bought a motorcycle and learned how to ride it, it was a lot of fun riding. still single and drinking a lot, started hanging out with the goths that started hanging out at my coffee shop. Began working with my brother on RAW, a dissident art and news source.
April, 2001
Met Wolfgang, a high magician, who used to hang with Lavey. Argued with him about magic and mythology.
may, 2001
finished the expansion pack for diablo 2, began reading cult books and continued talking with wolfgang. Started doing concept art for the next game.
june, 20001 took my vacation, stayed in sf. Did a lot of painting, reading about magic. Hung out with wolfgang and discussed magic. Met my present girlfriend who lives in LA. Just slept with her this month, she had a boyfriend in LA. Expansion pack shipped.
July, 2001
Became more serious with my girlfriend. She dumped her boyfriend in LA. Began studding the Cabala and astrology extensively. 777 Still painting of course
August, 2001
Started commuting to LA to see girlfriend on my motorcycle. Still studding magic. Got my art space. Expanded my studies to the Tarot. Painting, working.
September, 2001
see august, 2001 except I quite drinking.
October, 2001
still seeing girlfriend in LA. Almost exclusively studing the tarot and reading the secret doctrine. Started sketching excessively, not painting very much.
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