delphi23 (delphi23) wrote,

another day

sun-scorpio; new moon-scorpio; venus-libra; saturn-cancer; jupiter-libra; mars-scorpio; pluto-sagitarious
weather-partly cloudy, sunny, coolish but still warm
I am very tierd I stayed up kinda late and I had a nightmare about work. I really hate dreaming of work. I feel kinda a depressed about things. Two things I was thinking about today. One how I feel like I am living in a fantasy, that there are two realities in america now. One is completly non fact based and the other is desperatly trying to rationalize, intuelectualize what is happening. I just can't believe where we are in america now.
The other thing that I was thinking was how damn monotonous my life has become. don't get me wrong I like a routine but everyday at the same time I get up and do the same thing, go to work, eat, work, go home, and either relax or paint.
On a good note I have had lots of good ideas lately, and I can't wait to start them. Ok time for work....
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